Back and Neck Pain

Common spinal conditions we treat

  • Acute and chronic lower back pain
  • Sciatica – referred pain and symptoms to the legs
  • Acute and chronic neck pain
  • Spondylosis and spondylolisthesis
  • Brachialgia – referred pain and symptoms to the arms
  • Thoracic and rib pain

At David Williams Physiotherapy treatment may involve:

  • Joint mobilization to improve range of motion, release muscle spasm and reduce pain
  • Manual traction or controlled stretching of the joint to open up the joint space (commonly used in treating necks)
  • Soft tissue techniques such as high intensity massage over a small area and trigger point therapy
  • Stretching
  • Development of appropriate exercise plans to achieve strength, flexibility and activation of weak muscles
  • Change to poor postural habits
  • Reassessment and education to ensure optimal health is maintained into the future
  • Electrotherapy eg. ultrasound and inter-ferential therapy to promote healing and reduce pain
  • Heat packs
  • Referral for xrays and MRI if required
back and neck